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96 Commonwealth Ave.
West Concord, MA 01835

Phone: 339-221-0523


Sessions last one hour or an hour and a half. Come for just a few consultations or establish a longer-term relationship with the practitioner.  In each session there will be some dialogue and some gentle touch.  Sessions may include breath, movement and other forms of self-expression.  Clients can be fully clothed during the sessions or not. It depends what works best for them during that session. I bring a variety of therapies customized and tailored to each client need.

In your sessions you may want to

  • Relax and decrease stress
  • Address your physical pain and deepen your body awareness.
  • Increase communication skills and enhance your speaking voice 
  • Manage transitions gracefully
  • Articulate goals and bring them to fruition
  • Navigate the complexities of life from a position of calm

Client statement

"I bring into our sessions an issue that is present in my life. I clear it during our session and discover a process that I then take back into the world, apply it and that keeps me clear to lead my company and achieve results for my clients."
— statement by a business woman, founder of three companies, a coach and leader in her field.