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Elizabeth Valentine L.M.T. is a Certified Bodyworker/Massage Therapist who practices Somatic Integrative Bodywork, Somatic Coaching. In private practice since 1980, Elizabeth began her practice in France and continues to work with people from all over the world.

Formerly Dean of Faculty Development at the Touch Therapy Institute/Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Elizabeth uses several modalities to address client concerns and goals. The process is creative and designed to effect deep and lasting change in chronic physical and emotional patterns. Equipped with a deep understanding of human anatomy, Elizabeth works with a client to shift their physical form in ways that allows them to sustain changes, move freely and to think/feel differently. When all these aspects of the self are brought into alignment, clients reach new levels of peace, ease, relaxation, and personal power.

Training and Expertise

  • Body Centered Psychotherapy, Multi Modality Counseling, Joel Ziff, Ed, D.

  • Body Synergy Training, Structural Bodywork and Emotional Anatomy, Hakomi Body Centered Workshops.

  • Aston Movement, Seeing and Ergonomic Training
  • Winter Wisdom Retreat, Wisdom Traditions and Diversity HNII

  • The Energy of Conflict: Lessons from Aikido and the Dynamics of Movement, Harvard Negotiation Insight Initiative, Advanced Alternative Dispute Resolution Skills Program
  • National Holistic Institute Certified Massage Therapist and Shiatsu Practitioner

  • Positional Release, Cranio Sacral, Structural Bodywork, Bones for Life, Reiki Healing, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Zero Balancing Workshops
  • Pregnancy Massage Apprenticeship
  • Danced at American Dance Festival, Connecticut College
  • Ongoing student of Meditation, Dance and Iyengar Yoga
  • Associate Degree, Boston University

Professional Experience

  • Taught at the Harvard Negotiation Insight Initiative at the Harvard Law School
  • Led workshops at Omega Institute in Couples Bodywork and Relational Skills
  • Created and faciliated workshops in TMJ techniques, The History of Bodywork and Education Classes in Multi Modalities in Complementary Medicine
  • Co-created curriculum and facilitated Teacher Training Program for BASICS program, Integrating Touch into your Life, at The Muscular Therapy Institute

  • Created and Facilitated Workshops and Training Program in Integrated Bodywork.
  • Worked on Massachusetts Legislation for Rights of Survivors of Sexual Abuse by Therapists
  • Coalition to create State License for Massage Therapists, Movement Educators and Somatic Practices.


  • Elizabeth Valentine lives in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, with her husband and son.

Photo by Joan Ross Photography.